Mining and Metal


Discover a revolutionary way to enhance mining and metallurgical processes. Transfer chutes, feeders, mills and crushers are just some of the bulk materials handling equipment that Rocky helps engineers evaluate and optimize.

Mills and Crushers

Transfer Chutes and Elevators

Screening and Sorting

  Heavy Equipments

Discover the benefits Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations can offer the heavy equipment manufacturing industry as a powerful tool that uniquely simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials.


Dump Trucks

Agriculture Equipment

Test your equipment using particle simulation and enhance the efficiency of your agricultural processes. Rocky DEM is used the world over to help companies optimize their bulk agricultural materials.

Soil tillage, fertilizing and seed spreading

Storage Silos


  Process Equipment

Explore new possibilities to enhance your processing efficiency. Rocky DEM is being used to improve everything from drugs to food, and from specialty chemicals to biofuels.


Drying and Heat Exchange

Controlling Discharge

Packaging process

Mixing and blending

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