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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) has shown explosive growth. Because the value of UASs continues to be demonstrated, this growth shows no sign of slowing. However, the UAS industry must address a number of key challenges to satisfy the future roadmap for development and deployment as outlined by its major client, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Challenges include:

  •  Transitioning from mission-specific platforms to a reduced number of common platforms, so that multiple missions can be served across and in conjunction with different domains (land, sea, air).
  •  Increasing platform capability such as all-weather flight, payload weight, speed, endurance (even ultra-endurance), point to point, survivability and refueling.
  •  Increasing payload capability to empower advanced sensing, autonomy, swarming and teaming, weaponization and electronic warfare.
  •  Lowering the manpower burden in the theater of operation.
  •  Developing effective micro-UASs for rapid tactical deployment.
  •  Expanding missions to include strike, cargo and medical evacuation.
  •  Adapting to a constrained fiscal environment.

The ANSYS multiphysics portfolio of simulation tools can be applied across the entire system. This portfolio is uniquely suited to meet the needs of UAS designers and suppliers in a way that single physics solutions cannot. The demonstrated benefits of engineering simulation matches the UAS industry drivers so strongly that those not using engineering simulation today will not likely be tomorrow’s UAS designers and suppliers.

To read more, download the whitepaper that describes the role of engineering simulation in the continued evolution of unmanned systems.


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