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Defense companies and government agencies face an ever-changing military and security scene. The current threats to homeland security are not always easily identifiable, while today’s battlefields are as likely to be an urban street as an open field. It’s imperative that government and industry are empowered to quickly develop and adapt the technologies, equipment and weapons needed to fight new battles and with a greater degree of accuracy.


Reducing the weight of systems and vehicles is a major initiative for the defense industry. Armor needs to be light enough so that soldiers can maneuver in it. Tanks need to be made lighter so aircraft can more easily transport these vehicles. Novel lightweight materials, and composites of materials, are continually being tested to assure that they will perform satisfactorily under battle conditions.

Camouflage humvee

Camouflage helmet

ANSYS simulation software gives designers the ability to test a wide range of materials to achieve the optimum combination of weight and protection. Explicit dynamics software from ANSYS is extremely powerful for simulating blast and impact events. And tradeoff studies — as in the case of aerodynamics and observability in stealth aircraft — is a more efficient process when using robust tools — including ANSYS structural analysis and electromagnetic field simulation — to create a range of scenarios and solutions.


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