With Creo manufacturing tools for CAD/CAM, you have exactly what you need to win new business opportunities and lock out the competition. Easy to use, with unmatched power and performance, Creo NC and Tooling solutions are the world standard – providing you with everything you need to achieve the highest quality, highest precision machining in the fastest possible time. Our complete family of applications can handle every aspect of the machine process, from mold design and advanced NC to 3D CAD simulation and verification

Creo Prismatics and Multi-Surfaces Milling Extension

Easy-to-use, feature-rich, and seamlessly integrated with design–Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling is a virtual milling ‘specialist’ for prismatic production machining

Creo Production Machining Extension

In addition to robust NC programming capabilities spanning the functions of milling, turning, and wire EDM, Creo Production Machining also offers seamless compatibility with design, which means that changes are automatically incorporated. The result: improved time-to-production and customer responsiveness

Creo Complete Machining Extension

Enjoy all the capabilities of Creo Production Machining, along with multi-axis machining, plus full NC programming and extensive tool libraries. Now you can drive any type of CNC machine, including 2.5- to 5-axis mills, 2- to 4-axis lathes (synchronized or not), multi-axis mill/turn, and 2- to 4-axis wire EDM.

Creo Tool Design Extension

Create the most complex single-cavity and multi cavity molds and casts with ease. Evaluate mold draft, undercut and thickness problems, and then automatically create parting surface and splitting geometry in a process-driven environment that’s simple–even for the occasional user–who needs to create complex tooling quickly

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension

Work in a familiar 2D environment for moldbase layout–and get all the benefits of 3D! The 2D process driven GUI offers a catalog of standard and custom components, and updates your model automatically during the development of the moldbase, by providing a catalog of standard and customized components. Your resulting 3D models are then used for interference checking during mold opening, as well as automatic generation of deliverables such as detail drawings and BOMs.

Creo Progressive Die Extension

Easy-to-use wizards guide you through automatic strip layout definition, cut stamp creation, and placement/modification of die components. You can eliminate error-prone manual tasks by automatically creating clearance cuts, drilled holes, and documentation

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