RecurDyn is a modern CAE software suite which offers the unique combination of Multibody Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Controls.

Dynamic Rigid and Flexible Body Analysis fully integrated linear and non-linear Finite Element Analysis capabilities let you create detailed, realistic models for design studies and improving your product's performance. By using your FE mesh directly in your RecurDyn model, you can simulate overall motion as well as local deformations and stresses.

Model building, simulation and post-processing interfaces provide you with the best design and analysis tool for complex mechanisms. Fully integrated linear and non-linear Finite Element Analysis capabilities let you create detailed, realistic models for design studies and improving your product's performance.

RecurDyn is an interdisciplinary, computer-aided engineering (CAE) software package whose primary function is the simulation of multibody dynamics (MBD). RecurDyn simulates both rigid and flexible body dynamics by combining traditional rigid MBD with cutting-edge finite element technology for modeling flexible bodies. In addition, RecurDyn also includes a tightly-integrated controller design tool, design optimization, particle dynamics for granular materials, and durability and fatigue analysis. RecurDyn also supports co-simulation with various other computer-aided engineering software tools. RecurDyn includes a seamless co-simulation environment for coupled simulations with computational fluid dynamics solver, Particleworks from Promotech, allowing for detailed analysis of the interaction of fluids and multibody systems.

RecurDyn employs world-leading technologies in both its solver to provide superior calculation speed and robust performance and in its GUI to provide an extremely powerful yet intuitive, easy-to-use environment for full pre- and post-processing. The GUI includes extensive customization tools to allow users to simplify and automate RecurDyn, and couple RecurDyn with their own workflow methods.

RecurDyn includes a large selection of toolkits to add functionality specific to various fields of engineering, such as paper handling, gears, tracked vehicles, and more. The base component of RecurDyn is RecurDyn/Professional, which includes the GUI, the solver, and ProcessNet, a powerful and complete customization environment. RecurDyn/Professional is required to use any additional toolkits.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Machinery
  • Electro mechanical
  • Simulation Techniques
  • Contact/Impact Modeling
  • Flexible Body Simulation
  • Tracked Vehicle Analysis
  • Media Transport Simulation
  • Belt Simulation / Pulley Simulation
  • Chain Simulation / Sprocket Simulation
  • Rotational Dynamics

Best Practices

  • Simulation Data Management
  • Parametric Simulation
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • System level Optimization
  • Process Re-engineering

Definition of MultiBody Dynamics Simulation - Mehrkörpersimulation (German)

The multibody simulation (MBS) is a software tool for computer aided engineering (CAE) and is designed for the simulation of mechanical components and their kinematic properties.The heart of any multibody simulation software program is the so called solver.

The solver is a computation algorithms for solving equation of motions. A multibody system is used to simulate the dynamic behavior of interconnected rigid and flexible bodies, each of which may undergo large translational and rotational displacements.The motion of bodies is described by their kinematic behavior. The dynamic behavior results from the equilibrium of applied forces and the rate of change of momentum. A body is usually considered to be a rigid or flexible part of a mechanical system. A link is the connection of two or more bodies, or a body with the ground. The link is defined by certain (kinematical) constraints that restrict the relative motion of the bodies.

In modern research and development departments, CAE software tools are playing an increasingly important role during the development process of innovative products. CAE software programs help the engineer during the development to look virtually insight a product and detect the strengths and weaknesses of it. The weaknesses can therefore be reduced before the first component gets manufactured.

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