The most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software available for the Civil Engineering Projects. The system combines the state-of-the art general purpose structural analysis features of ANSYS (ISO-9001) with high-end, civil engineering-specific structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM, making it a unique and powerful tool for a wide range of civil engineering projects (such as powerplants, bridges, tunnels, singular buildings, offshore structures, etc).

As both programs are completely integrated, CivilFEM supports all types of advanced analysis supported by ANSYS (dynamic, static, linear and non-linear), running as a unique software. CivilFEM has a modular design composed by a general product called CivilFEM INTRO and by specialized modules relating to specific civil engineering needs such as the Bridges and Civil Nonlinearities module, the Advanced Prestressed Concrete module and the Geotechnical module that can be optionally added to CivilFEM INTRO.

CivilFEM Multidiscipline includes all the specialized modules developed for CivilFEM(INTRO, Geotechnical, Bridges and Civil Non-linearities, and Advanced Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Modules), providing users with a complete solution that will suit all their civil engineering needs.

CivilFEM Multidiscipline Nuclear Power Plant (NPP):  All advanced capabilities of CivilFEM applied to nuclear analysis.

Any of these solutions work as an “add-on" with any unlimited ANSYS product: Professional NLT and NLS, Structural, Mechanical and Multiphysics.

Some CivilFEM for ANSYS Unique Features:

  • Advanced Solid Modelling features with Boolean operation, mesh control, error estimation, adaptative mesh, mapped mesh, etc.
  • Extensive high quality element library (200 elements)
  • Smart load combination
  • Prestressed and damped modal analysis
  • Robust non linear time history analysis with any combination of nonlinearities
  • Non linear construction sequence analysis (Birth and Death of elements and update of the time-dependant material properties)
  • Real non linear buckling analysis
  • Automatic contact surface elements
  • SOLID 65 element (non-linear solid reinforced concrete element)
  • Optimization module and parametrization analysis
  • Command file input, user programmable features
  • Fast solver for any kind of analysis
  • Automatic load step for non linear and dynamic analysis, CivilFEM specialized modules for advanced and specific civil engineering needs

Typical Projects CivilFEM for ANSYS product:

  • Industrial buildings, high rise buildings and sport facilities
  • Seismic calculations
  • Nuclear, wind and thermal power plants
  • Off-shore and marine structures
  • Bridges (suspension, cable stayed, etc)
  • Prestressed and non-linear concrete structures
  • Tunnels Foundations (slabs, piles, walls, etc)
  • Geological and Soil mechanics problems
  • Dams (concrete, earth, etc)
  • Cable structures, special buildings, etc.
  • Quality control, forensic structural analysis, project modifications

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