Predicting and controlling fluid flow is critical in optimizing the efficiency of so many products and processes — the combustion of gases in an automobile engine, the movement of a chemical solution through pores in a shale gas formation, the complex passage of air through a jet engine turbine, and the transfer of heat among components of a printed circuit board, to name a few. ANSYS CFD solutions give you the power to model and simulate all fluid processes — including fluid–structure multiphysics interactions — so you can have confidence that your product will perform optimally before you make the first prototype.


ANSYS CFD includes the best computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools ANSYS has to offer for the fastest, most accurate results across any fluid or multi-physics application. Includes full versions of ANSYS Fluent, CFX, and Polyflow


ANSYS’ most powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool, Fluent includes well-validated physical modeling capabilities to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multi-physics applications.


ANSYS CFX is a high-performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that delivers reliable and accurate solutions quickly for a wide range of applications, including leading capabilities for rotating machinery.


ANSYS CFD-Flo provides the physics models most commonly required by designers seeking to create better products faster. Offers a focused feature set at a competitive cost.

CFD Professional

ANSYS CFD Professional enables engineers doing occasional CFD simulation to predict the flow and thermal behavior of their designs.


ANSYS Polyflow provides advanced fluid dynamics technology for companies in the polymer, glass, metals and cement processing industries.


ANSYS Vista TF complements rotating machinery simulation by enabling engineers to quickly develop blade geometries that achieve desired performance objectives.


ANSYS BladeModeler complements rotating machinery simulation with a specialized, easy-to-use tool for the rapid 3-D design of rotating machinery components.


ANSYS TurboGrid software complements rotating machinery simulation by creating high-quality meshes designed for the demands of fluid dynamics analysis.


FENSAP-ICE is the premier in-flight icing simulation system, used worldwide by major aerospace companies. Its innovative, graphical environment provides intuitive file management and makes it easy to interact between simulation modules.


FENSAP-ICE-TURBO does what no other system can — its unique, integrated interface enables you to analyze aero grids and icing simultaneously. With it, you can analyze the external flow and icing over the aircraft, with engines installed and running.

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