Timeless Design for the Digital Age

Timeless Design for the Digital Age With a luxury design aesthetic and a reputation for the highest product quality, Sub-Zero is also focused on groundbreaking innovation. Today, that means the addition of smart product functionality and connectivity. Anderson Bortoletto, the company’s principal engineer, recently spoke with Dimensions about how the Sub-Zero product development team is taking this 70-year-old business into the…

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Lunar New Year Holiday Announcement

Lunar New Year Holiday Announcement Dear valued Customers, Advantech, Jsc. would like to inform you that our offices will be closed from 13h30 Saturday, 02 February, 2019 to Sunday, 10 February, 2019 for New Year celebration. We will resume work as usual on 8h30 Monday, 11 February, 2019.If you need assistance during the time of New Year celebration, please…

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A Closer Look at Optical Simulation

A Closer Look at Optical Simulation Eric Bantegnie, Vice President and General Manager — Systems, ANSYS With its acquisition of OPTIS, ANSYS has expanded its industry-leading software portfolio to include the engineering simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization. For more than 30 years, optical simulation has proven to be critical for manufacturers of lighting products, including lasers, scanners, lenses and lighted…

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Simulation Spurs Stent Innovation

Simulation Spurs Stent Innovation Published on April 13, 2018 by Guest Blogger Alicia de Hoyos Reyes Medicine comprises multiple challenges due to the ongoing development of science and daily discoveries regarding the treatment of diseases. As human life expectancy increases, medical devices, such as a stents and many others, must also continue to evolve to offer more effective and…

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Autonomous Vehicle Radar: Improving Radar Performance with Simulation

Autonomous Vehicle Radar: Improving Radar Performance with Simulation By Shawn Carpenter, Product Manager, High Frequency Electronics, ANSYS Radar systems provide important sensor input for safe and reliable autonomous vehicle operations. Ensuring that these radar systems operate without interference, cover the intended areas, do not fail from installation effects and provide accurate input to the control system requires use of advanced engineering simulation.   Autonomous vehicles…

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On the Radar

On the Radar By Clyde Callewaert, Principle RF Engineer, Autoliv Electronics, Southfield, USA Radar systems play a critical role in today’s driver assistance systems and upcoming autonomous vehicles. These systems must be accurate to provide the needed functionality and safety. Autoliv uses ANSYS electromagnetic simulation software to evaluate alternative radar integrationscenarios early in the automotive development process to pioneer…

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Drive Safely

Drive Safely Bernard Dion, Chief Technical Officer–Systems, ANSYS and Michael Wagner, Edge Case Research, Pittsburgh, USA "It would be impossible to program a computer to handle every possible driving scenario so today’s autonomous driving systems feature programs that learn and think like human beings to make the right decision for almost every situation. But, how can these programs…

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Meaningful Results

Meaningful Results By Andrew Hobbs, Chief CFD/DEM Engineer, Astec, Inc., Chattanooga, USA The performance of an asphalt plant depends upon the interaction of many different processes. Astec has made substantial improvements in its ability to accurately simulate these different processes, generating large quantities of disparate data whose impact on the design issues at hand is often…

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Digital Exploration with ANSYS AIM

Digital Exploration with ANSYS AIMBy Steve Scampoli, Lead Product Manager, ANSYS, Inc. Innovative companies continually seek new ways to improve product design and reduce product development costs. Because most development costs are determined by decisions made early in the design process, many companies leverage digital exploration, often called upfront simulation, to reduce costs. By digitally exploring design concepts and…

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ANSYS Discovery Live: Real-Time Simulation Revolution

ANSYS Discovery Live: Real-Time Simulation RevolutionBy Justin Hendrickson, Director, Product Management, ANSYS With the revolutionary new ANSYS Discovery Live solution, simulation is no longer a matter of hours or days — it is instantaneous. Engineers can start seeing simulation results in seconds after importing a geometry, with no need for a high-performance computing system. That is because all the computing is…

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