Advanced Technology Joint Stock Company - Advantech, Jsc. was established in 2005 by the PhDs and the engineers from different science and technology fields in order to acquire the advanced technologies from over the world and apply successfully into the reality in Vietnam.


As the Channel Partner of the reputed software developers in the world like ANSYS, PTC, FunctionBay, Ingeciber, Rocky DEM ESSS ... Advantech, Jsc. focus on providing a total, comprehensible software solution to the customer, namely:

  • Providing the software and the related technical support to the customer to exploiting efficiently the CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM/PLM and IoT software suite
  • Consulting and Training - Technology Transferring in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM/PLM and IoT software, Applied Information Technology, New materials, Numerical methods…
  • Developing specific software solution integrated on the universal purpose software upon request of the customer
  • Implementing 2D/3D modeling related works: consulting, design, simulation and computation upon request of the customer
  • Consulting and Training-Technology Transferring on simulation/management software for medicine and health care.


In order to become a leading technology corporation in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM/IoT software in Vietnam and in ASEAN region, Advantech, Jsc. orients for the sustainable development on the basis of a harmonious combination of the professionalism, the creativity and the team work spirit of its each member.

Advantech, Jsc. is committed to bring the efficiency to the customers via providing the most advanced products and services, with ensured quality, on time and reasonable price.


Beside the permanent core staffs composed of experienced PhDs and engineers with enthusiasm and willingness to do the best for the customer, Advantech, Jsc. has a wide, valuable network of project-based experts and part-time collaborators which are the professors from the technical universities, the researchers from the research institutes/centers; and the experienced engineers from the corporations.


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