Materials & Chemical Processing

Process industries are particularly asset- and resource-intensive, offering significant opportunities for engineering improvements. These advancements can directly impact product and process performance, sustainable and green engineering, and ultimately corporate profitability and the bottom line.

From equipment and processes to chemical and petrochemical refining to glass and metals manufacturing, process-focused customers have used ANSYS simulation technologies to reduce overall costs, conserve energy, minimize environmental impacts, meet higher regulatory standards, and streamline operations through a range of initiatives. Whether the specific challenges relate to fluid dynamics, thermal management, structural analysis, reaction engineering or another area, ANSYS customers rely on the company’s proven solutions to help them understand, and address, their engineering issues.

ANSYS has supported continuing innovation in process industries for more than 30 years — and recent advances in modeling capabilities, combined with scalable low-cost, high-performance hardware, have enhanced the company’s capabilities.

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