Fuel Injection: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Fuel Injection: Breaking Up is Hard to Do By Junmei Shi, Simulation Team Leader, and Pablo Lopez Aguado, Ph.D. Student, Delphi Automotive Systems, Bascharage, LuxembourgImproving internal combustion engine emissions and fuel economy performance requires better understanding of the process by which the fuel injection nozzle breaks up the liquid fuel and propels atomized droplets into the cylinder. Delphi engineers are using…

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Bright Idea for Headlights

Bright Idea for Headlights By Manjunath Subbanna, Senior Technology Engineer; Eelco Galestien, Project Engineer; Creighton Tomek, Ceramics Technologist; and Wei Fan, Ceramics NPI Manager; Momentive Performance Materials, Strongsville, USA Momentive Performance Materials successfully reduced the time required for physical testing by using simulation to optimize the heat sink design for an LED automotive headlight. This simulation yielded a design…

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Hitting the brakes

Hitting the brakes By Andrew Clark and Jared Butterfield, Lead Structural Analysis Engineers, United States Air Force, Hill AFB, USA United States Air Force jets were being damaged when the tow tractor that transports them around bases came to a sudden stop. An Air Force engineering team used ANSYSMechanical to determine the cause of the problem and devise…

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Making sensor for the IoT

Making sensor for the IoT By Alissa Fitzgerald, Founder and Managing Member, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC, Burlingame, USA MEMS technology is a critical element in many of the sensors that will generate the data to drive value from the IoT. An experienced MEMS developer describes some of the issues involved in creating reliable MEMS and provides some best…

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Wired into health

Wired into health By Arun Venkatasubramanian, Associate Director, Cambridge Consultants, Boston, USA The Internet of Things for healthcare requires antennas in implantable medical devices to operate safely within the human body, over longer distances than before and at more than one frequency. These devices must also be reliable in the wide range of body types and ages that…

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Product Design Shorts: Glass Ceilings, Micro Phones, and More

Product Design Shorts: Glass Ceilings, Micro Phones, and MoreWomen in Engineering Are you a woman product designer or engineer? If so, you're one of the few (for now). The glass ceiling has now been broken for nominating a woman for president, but how far is that ceiling for women in the STEM industry? Lillian Moller Gilbreth, first female member of American Society of…

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Optimizing Tunnel Ventilation Fan Blades for Energy Efficiency Using the Adjoint Solver

Optimizing Tunnel Ventilation Fan Blades for Energy Efficiency Using the Adjoint Solver > By Frank Kelecy - is a lead technical support engineer with over 20 years of experience at ANSYS. Because fossil fuel resources around the globe are finite, an overriding engineering design challenge is energy efficiency and sustainability. Today I’ll use tunnel ventilation fans as an example to illustrate how CFDsimulation and advancements in our Adjoint Solver in…

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4 Things Other Companies Can Teach You about Simulation

4 Things Other Companies Can Teach You about Simulation by Ms. Cat McClintock - edits the Creo and Mathcad blogs for PTC With 3D CAD software, engineers can easily apply stresses and loads to their designs to see how their models will hold up under real-world conditions. In fact, you might use simulation tools already for your work—or you might be thinking about it. The technology…

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Lighten up

Lighten up Lightweighting is one of the most important trends in the aerospace industry today, as jet manufacturers and their suppliers work to reduce the overall weight of planes and improve their fuel efficiency. But little attention has been paid to reducing the weight of the cargo carried by planes every day. Carbon Freight - a startup based in…

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6 Reasons to Love Simulation

6 Reasons to Love Simulation Not so long ago, engineers would have spent many hours hand-drawing a perfect solution to the problem their higher-ups or clientspresented them with. Then they would send that solution over to analysis, only to be told the tests had failed. They would have to trash hours, days, weeks, months of work, and before they had…

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